Is cold pressed oil good for daily usage?

Is cold pressed oil good for daily usage?

People have now started adapting cold-pressed oils in their daily cooking routine which is leading them towards a healthy lifestyle and better Immunity, but the question is whether cold-pressed oils are good for daily usage? Doctors & Dieticians are recommending people to use cold-pressed oils because the process of extraction of those is not like refined oils. Cold Pressed oils are extracted with the help of a wooden churner (Kacchi Ghani) which is the traditional process of extraction oils from the raw materials like seeds etc.

Extraction of cold pressed oils in such a manner makes it more healthier because the refined oils are processed at very high temperatures which results in losses of health nutrients from it. Though refined oils can be stored for a longer duration but cold-pressed has many benefits above it. Using it every day according to your taste buds which are suited to sesame oil, groundnut oil, coconut oil, almond oil, flaxseed oil, mustard oil & safflower oil will result in providing necessary nutrients to your body. It has nutritional benefits like Vitamin E which is a powerful antioxidant and helps to boost your immunity, Vitamin K plays an important role in regulating the blood clots if any and supporting your bone health.

People who have a busy schedule should prefer using cold-pressed oils because it fulfills the need of necessary nutrition in the form of cooking oil which your body may not get from the regular oils which are available in the market. Sports man, Athletes, Fitness Enthusiasts are likely to shift from regular oils to cold-pressed oils as soon as they get the exposure to the nutritional facts it has and how it can help their goals to be achieved, but while consuming this type of oil you should be very sure that your vendor/brand is providing you a genuine & original product otherwise all the effort taken by you will go vague. Hygieia Oil has their manufacturing units in Lonavala which resides in the banks of western ghats near Mumbai, they ensure that the product which is manufactured is meeting all the necessary and the top-line nutritional value in which a cold-pressed oil is proven to be best. Hygieia Oils is marketed by AVK Organics ensuring that it delivers the healthiest consumable products. Cold Pressed oil manufactured by Hygieia Oils is rich in nutrients, Low Trans Fat, Low Cholesterol, Minimal preservatives, Less chemicals which all results in a healthy heart & lifestyle!

If cold-pressed oils are used daily then it helps in improving blood circulation, Lowers Blood Clotting Issues & upscales Immune system response. Its combination of omega 3 and oleic acids helps to lower LDL which also stands for Bad Cholesterol. Antioxidants in it lowers the risk of heart arrest, strengthens your bones, brain conditions and also helps to reduce risk of certain cancers. Looking at the all above benefits it is recommended by experts to use cold-pressed oil in their daily routine instead of refined oils.

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