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How cold pressed oil helps for weight loss & its benefits!

Work from home has become beneficial for everyone nowadays but with the benefits of it has some drawbacks that might cost your health if ignored. Sitting on your work station with an incorrect posture causes you back pain & other types of muscle problems. Our schedules have changed alot and the exertion of the body isn’t happening which is resulting in the weight gain & lazy lifestyles.

While working from the office we used to travel from one location to another which keeps our body in place but now sitting for 8 hours straight on a chair to meet deadlines is costing us health issues. Weight gain has become a major concern of those who are working from home and if you aren’t maintaining a balanced weight according to your height & BMS those who might face issues like heart arrest, joint pain, problem in breathing and many more. People are taking precautions to control the weight gain by consuming brown bread, cutting off rice form the diet, high fibre intake, low cholesterol & low-fat contained food and many more but they are forgetting that the Refined Oil which they are using to cook this food which they are consuming has high number of cholesterol, trans-fats and other harmful ingredients. Using Refined oil is the first mistake people make while stepping up for a better & healthy lifestyle.

Refined Oil has been processed at very high temperatures so it loses its good & health benefits, Cold Pressed Oils are the best replacements for the Refined Oil in the house for cooking purposes. You might be thinking that the taste of your oil may not match the taste of cold-press oils but it’s not true. Cold Pressed oils come in a variety of ranges like sesame oil, groundnut oil, coconut oil, almond oil, flaxseed oil, mustard oil & safflower oil. It is recommended to use cold-pressed oils for cooking purposes if one is looking to reduce weight because it has a very low and minimal number of cholesterol content in it which makes it the most preferred choice for doctors & dieticians. Low in cholesterol oil makes it easier for digestion as compared to the refined oil which is heaving in digestion. If your digestive system & sleep is proper then you are less prone to the skin & immunal diseases. Proper Digestive systems in regularization of bowel cycle and which matters a lot indirectly to your skin health. No doubt using cold pressed oils helps you in losing weight but you have to make sure that your brand & vendor for the product is trustworthy. Hygieia Oils is a leading brand in manufacturing of cold-pressed oils with the variety in it like sesame oil, groundnut oil, coconut oil, almond oil, flaxseed oil, mustard oil & safflower oil. We give free home delivery upto certain locations.

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